As we close on another semester, I like to look back on the last few months and reflect on the progress and changes with everyone.

First of all, we added a number of schools to our career day scheduling software (thank you so much for putting your trust in us)!   A lot of schools had great career day events, and I’m so happy we could be a small part of that.

Another thing I noticed this semester is an increased focus on security. Don’t get me wrong – security has always been important, and we continue to work diligently on security with our systems, but I definitely saw an uptick in documents from school systems asking about our security measures.  Thankfully, we have always had security measures in place, so it’s nothing new for us.

I thought it may be beneficial to discuss a few things we have in place and some exciting plans for the future.

We have a sister company, WRA Risk, that focuses on risk management and injury claims, meaning we have to work with HIPAA certification.  Not exactly the same as FERPA, but there is a lot of overlap with best practices:

  • Physical server security
  • Encrypted connections
  • Encrypted at rest database
  • A whole lot of other boring stuff (I’m happy to go into more detail for anyone that wants it!)

We have always housed our servers for hyperTechnologies and WRA Risk together, and we have implemented similar security measures.  And (of course) we don’t use any of the info you put in the system except for your career day schedules.

But we’re about to take it one step further!  We will be upgrading to the same software platform as WRA Risk this summer.  This will provide additional security and flexibility.  We’re going to also be working on some software upgrades to improve the user experience!  And this isn’t an ‘upgrade’ where you lose features and your existing info isn’t there anymore.  We plan to keep all the same great features and interface you are used to.  Our plans include

  • A fresh look (but the user interface will be similar – no learning curve)
  • Added security features
  • Easier to schedule other events beyond career day
  • Save multiple schedule PDFs in the system (no more download it or you lose it)
  • Your existing career day events will be in there waiting for you – you won’t lose anything

So that’s the plan, and I’m super excited to get this going for the fall semester!  I’ll keep you all posted.

– Scott