How does the software work?  
  Our hyperSuite Career Day internet based software is easy and fast to use. You can get a schedule ready in 5 easy steps.
– Sign in using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
1) Define your sessions – You choose how many and what times.
2) Add the speakers – Enter or import the basic information for each speaker (name, profession, class size).
3) Add the students – Enter or import the basic information for each student (name, grade, teacher).
4) Select the student choices – Choose which professions your students want to see based on the professions listed for your speakers. You can also have each student enter their own choices or let the schedules run with random speakers!
5) Run the schedule – That’s it! hyperSuite Career Day creates the schedule within minutes. Your students’ preferred speakers are prioritized while maintaining your specified session sizes. Schedules are created in PDF format, and you can also email schedules directly to the students.
Last minute cancellation? – No Problem! Just remove the speaker and re-run the schedule, and it is updated in minutes.
Some speakers are not available for all sessions? – No Problem! You can set availability per speaker.
Some professions are not popular? – No Problem! The system starts with the students’ preferences, and then fills in the rest of the schedule to make sure each student gets a full schedule and each speaker has at least the minimum number of students you choose.
Get more information by viewing our tutorial videos or reading our usage guide
You can also take a look at our quick reference guide