Here are just a few testimonials from users throughout the years
I give hyperSuite Career Day an A+! I’ve used this service for several years. No longer does a committee have to work long hours to make a master schedule and individual schedules. I plug the data in, and the computer prints it out in the various formats I need. HyperSuite was worth the cost, and I won’t go back to doing Career Day without it.
– Ms. Dooly, Red Oak ISD, Texas

The Career Day Scheduling Software is an essential tool for a successful Career Day. The program is “user friendly” and makes creating schedules for students a very easy process. Scott is just an e-mail or phone call away should you have a problem or question. I highly recommend this software to anyone planning a Career Day.
– Ms. Scoggins, Mt. Pleasant ISD, Texas

I have been using hyperTechnologies for the past two years to plan my school’s Career Day. I can not imagine orchestrating the event without the program. hyperTechnologies allows for easy addition of all our volunteers with name, profession, room assignment and availability. Making corrections, adding last minute volunteers, and removing those who cancel is all quick and easy. I am grateful as our event has about 70 volunteers each year.

Each year our event alters our school schedule. hyperTechnologies not only prints a schedule of Career Day for our students, but allows me to enter information about the rest of the altered school day. We are able to give our students a printed schedule for the day. This makes the day so much easier. Students know exactly where to go!

I especially enjoy the ability of hyperTechnologies to provide our students with choices. It is peace of mind knowing our students enter rooms to hear about careers they personally selected and are interested to learn more about. I can trust that my volunteers will be greeted by eager students excited to learn about what they came to share.

I would not have Career Day without hyperTechnologies. If you are in charge of planning this event at your school, get this program. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

– Mr. Sigl, Clark County School District, Nevada