Welcome Back!

Welcome back to a new school year! Hopefully, you had an enjoyable summer and are ready to get back into the swing of the school year. We are excited to help more schools than ever schedule their career day event with ease.  As you start planning your semester, and you career day events, take a look at our ‘How Does it Work‘ page with information and videos, and see how the hyperSuite Career Day software can save you a ton of time and effort!

We have been busy all summer adding features and improving the software.  Here is a list of new features:

1) Teacher Title, First Name are now optional – Now you can simply add only the teacher last name if you don’t have (or want to use) the Mr., Mrs., etc. or the first names.

2) Enhanced the warning and schedule buttons when creating the schedule – Now if you have any warnings in your schedules, it will be hard to miss with larger, color coded buttons

3) Added Pre-K – For those wanting to schedule an event for the younger kids, Pre-K is now available.

4) New schedule exports showing only room numbers – This spreadsheet can be helpful if you need a smaller printout to see where your students are throughout the day.  Now when you select ‘Export Room # Only’ in the Schedule Menu, the Schedule Export spreadsheet will only contain the student information and room numbers per session.  The Schedule Report will always show the full schedule with speaker information.

5) New speaker tracking spreadsheet – This is a great simple spreadsheet that shows the speaker information and the number of students in each session.  You can access this with the new ‘Download Speaker Spreadsheet’ button in the Schedule Menu, Speaker Report.

6) Global choices – This is a great new tool to make scheduling much easier.  This new feature allows you to add choices for a student, a teacher, or a grade. These choices will be implemented after schedule forcing and before the student choices, assuming enough speaker availability.  If you have a career day where you want all students in a specific grade or class to see a specific profession, this new feature is for you!

We are also working to make our usage guide more helpful and easier to get to within the software. Look for that change in the coming months.